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Scarves and More Scarves

Posted on: March 11, 2012

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any items…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been crocheting!  When I travel on business I generally pack one or two skeins of yarn and different hooks.  It keeps me busy, i. e. relaxed when there is down time in the airport, or, in hotels.

When I’m traveling I try to stick to patterns that are very basic. This way I’m not worrying about extra items, or, patterns that have to be packed then unpacked.

Here are some of the scarves I’ve made during my down time.

The patterns are essentially the same.

Single – chain 1 – single



If you read my primary blog, Comments from Cathy, you’ll know I was in Birmingham during recent storms – see Patience and a Cup of Tea.  I made the scarf below to keep me occupied while the storms passed.

Half double – chain 1 – half double


I was in a training class that was really cold, so I made this scarf/thin shawl using a large hook and a loose tension.  I used it the next day and it really kept me comfortable in my class!

Double – chain 1 – double


The scarves in the first picture didn’t use up a full skein.  The scarf below was made with the two remaining portions of those skeins using the half double – chain 1 – half double repeat.


Coming soon – hats, and an item that I used on recent travels.

Happy crocheting!

2 Responses to "Scarves and More Scarves"

Oh, Cathy, their BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your display in the top photo.

Hi John. Thanks so much!

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