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Striped Baby Blanket

Posted on: August 26, 2012

I shared on my main blog that I made a blanket for baby Michael.

I was traveling on business when I started it.

I didn’t want to worry about patterns.

That said, I still had multiple skeins going during my travel.

Here are all my supplies and a the blanket in progress in the pocket of an airline seat!


I’ve made many baby blankets in pastel colors. 

This time I wanted bold colors, something that would be a change of pace.

I had skeins of solid navy blue and gray yarn in my stash.  I debated about a blanket in blue and gray only, but I had recently made a king-size blanket in these colors.

I wanted to be sure this blanket was different!

To decide the colors I took the blue and navy skeins with me to the store. 

I finally saw a brick red that I felt balanced out the combination. 

Strong, but not overdone. 

Yes!  The colors were settled!


The blanket measures about 36 inches square.

The gray sections are half-double crochet.  That’s it! 


The blue and red sections use a variation of a shell pattern.

The shell pattern is made of two double crochets and one single crochet.

You skip two stitches between each shell.

When the shell is made this way, a couple of things happen. The shell leans to the side. It also “pops out” just a little bit.


When you make additional rows, the first shell is made by making a chain three, double, then single crochet.

Other than that the shell pattern continues!


Most patterns call for three stitches in the corners. 

I generally crochet four stitches in a corner. 

It seems to make the corners lie flat, whereas three stitches might curl.

For this edging I decided to keep it simple; just rows of single crochet.

This way the stripes would be the focal point!


I used approximately one skein per color.

Pretty easy to make..a variation in the pattern to add some texture…three alternating colors for some visual interest…

A little blanket for a little guy!

Happy Crocheting!


9 Responses to "Striped Baby Blanket"

I very much like this blanket. I get tired of all the pastel baby stuff. I also read once that babies like to look at strong colors. Not sure if its true but I bet the little guy loves this blankie 🙂

Thanks! I just felt that I wanted to do something distinct! 🙂

I like the bold colors! Will make great lap robes for our veterans too.

What a great idea! I’ve made a number of lap blankets but haven’t done so recently. If you donate to a specific organization please let me know!

Our Hugs Group at church has donated them to the nursing homes, and I think they are going to start donating them to the VA. I missed a few meetings so not sure if they have started yet. We started out making shawls and wraps – thus the name Hugs From God. From what I understand they will be making scarves, hats. gloves to pass out the local school fro winter, and baby blankets and such for the preemie unit at the hospital. This is why I wanted to learn to knit and get back to crocheting again, it is a wonderful mission opportunity.

It is a wonderful mission…and a wonderful name! There are also web sites where you can search for “Prayer Shawl” that will give very basic patterns for knitting and crocheting. Have fun!

I have nominated your for the Super Sweet Blogging award – go to:

Thanks, Patty! I took a short break so I’m just getting caught up! I look forward to writing about it! 🙂

Looks beautiful. I like the stitch.

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